Melinda Sandkam

Preschool Director

Melinda Sandkam received her Bachelor of Arts in History at The College of William and Mary. Six years in the hospitality industry gave her experience in event planning. She served as Secretary of the Concierge Society and was named Club Level Concierge of the Year in 1994. Moving into working with children brought her to Oglethorpe Presbyterian as a preschool teacher while being a nanny for three elementary age children at the same time. In 2000, Melinda joined OPC and was ordained as an elder. She then accepted the position of part-time Director of Christian Education at OPC while moving to a full-time Office Manager position at Rock Springs Presbyterian. In Director of Christian Education role, she implemented the first confirmation class in five years and worked with neighboring Presbyterian churches to create a multi-church youth group. In 2006, she brought her experience with events, children and the Presbyterian Church to the position of Program Director at Morningside. In July 2015, she was selected to direct Morningside Presbyterian Preschool. Outside of the church, Melinda especially likes supporting the work of Heifer International.

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