Make Connections

Morningside Presbyterian Church offers many ways for members and friends to connect and BE TOGETHER as we enjoy the company of others in our faith community. In addition to social activities and small group gatherings tailored specifically to Adults (just click to read more), and activities and events particularly designed for our Youth and our Children & Families, there are also occasions when the entire congregation - All of Us - can gather on a regular basis. Then there are those Special Opportunities to Connect (read more about that below) that can’t be put into any category other than, well — special!

You will want to click on our Events link regularly to see when chances to connect are coming up. Be sure to read the back of your Bulletin on Sundays for more information about upcoming events (you can click here to find copies of past Bulletins if you’ve missed a Sunday). Members — you want to be sure that you go to the Members link and register on Realm, then keep your email information current so that you receive the midweek eNews@Morningside updates and can see if any plans or events have changed since Sunday (friends and visitors can always find a copy of the latest eNews@Morningside here).

You won’t just want to become familiar with the opportunities to connect and BE TOGETHER described above. You also make connections when you SERVE TOGETHER, so take a look at the opportunities available by clicking on the Serve link, where you can see a number of ways you can help in Our Community and Our World. You will also make connections when you GROW TOGETHER and take advantage of the opportunities to learn that you will find by exploring the various links under Learn.

Special Opportunities to Connect

There are always other various gatherings with members and friends of Morningside Presbyterian throughout the year. While these outings are often for adults, you never know what might come up. In the past, there have been various theater and sports outings where friends of and groups from MPC have attended events as varied as the Atlanta Opera to the Atlanta Braves. Several trips abroad have been organized with groups from the congregation — in 2008 a group visited Paris and Geneva, attending a performance of “Porgy and Bess” at the Opera-Comique with the chorus led by then organist-choirmaster Walter Huff and including members of MPC’s Chancel Choir; in 2013 a group visited Scotland; and just this summer another group accompanied members of MPC’s Chancel Choir as they sang in Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. These special opportunities are always announced well in advance, and you can expect to find information in all our usual places as planning begins or as the opportunity arises — just make sure to read the back of your Sunday Bulletin (or go look at some of the links for past copies), check the calendar on the Events page, make sure that you’ve registered on Realm so that you receive eNews@Morningside, or click on the link occasionally — you get the idea.