In the Presbyterian Church, elders (the meaning of the word "presbyters") make up the church’s governing body or "Session."

Members of the congregation nominate candidates for the position of elder annually and the congregation votes as a whole. Once ordained and installed, elders serve a three-year term, though their ordination is for life. Members are encouraged to bring their concerns and ideas to any elder at any time, though there are no "constituencies" within the congregation.

From the ordained elders in the congregation, the Session elects a Clerk and a Treasurer. The Clerk prepares the agenda and materials for Session and congregational meetings, prepares minutes, and other duties. As part of their service to the church many elders at MPC also chair ministry teams.

These are the officers and members of Morningside Presbyterian’s 2016 Session, their ministry assignments, and their contact information:

Clerk of Session: Curt Barrett (ClerkofSession@morningsidepc.org)

Treasurer: Bill Humphries

Class of 2018

Tony Fishpaw: Mission Ministries Co-chair (Mission@Morningsidepc.org)
Sub-committees: Justice, Advocacy and Environmental Action; Special Offerings and Walks; Community Outreach, Global Concerns, Mission Trips 

Marshall HunterEvangelism Ministries co-chair (Evangelism@morningsidepc.org)
Sub-committtes: Family Initiatives, Community Initiatives, Greeters, New Member Classes, Visitor Contact

Dave Mogge:  Facilities  (Operations@morningsidepc.org)
Sub-committees: Information Technology

Sarah Tomaka: Evangelism Ministries co-chair (Communications@morningsidepc.org) Sub-committees:  Communications, website

Sandra Ward: Fellowship Ministries  (Fellowship@morningsidepc.org)
Sub-Committees: Weekly Events, Special Events, Funeral Receptions, Meeting Support, Regular Events, Church Retreat

Greg Wolters: Human Resources Co-chair (hr@morningsidepc.org)

Class of 2019

Allen Burke:  Finance

Nancy Collins:  Mission Ministries Co-chair (Mission@morningsidepc.org)

Martin Dunlap:  Human Resources Co-chair (hr@morningsidepc.org)

Catherine Fleming: Youth and Families Ministries (Youth@morningsidepc.org)

Sarah Beth Gehl: Commitment Ministries Co-chair (Commitment@morningsidepc.org)

Emilie Paille: Discipleship Ministries (Discipleship@morningsidepc.org)
Sub-committees: Adult Faith Development (Emilie Paille), Leadership Training, Small Groups Coordination(Michael Pittman) 

Class of 2020

Beth Fain:  Strategic Planning  

Stephanie Libby: Children's Ministries (Children@morningsidepc.org)

Suzanne Macpherson: Commitment Ministries Co-chair (Commitment@morningsidepc.org) Sub-committees: Annual Campaign, Stewardship Education, Volunteer Coordination, Planned Giving

Michael Morgan: Worship and the Arts (WorshipandArts@morningsidepc.org)

Michael Pittman: Discipleship Small Groups Sub-comittee (Discipleship@morningsidepc.org)