Luke 13:31-3 – ‘today, tomorrow, and the next day I must be on my way’ 

“The Jesus we encounter in this Gospel is a missionary Jesus and his model calls us to be a missionary church. Is there any other way to truly be church? I don’t think so. Mission isn’t a separate, distinct line item in our annual budget, sitting alongside worship or education or facilities. Mission is the whole thing. And just to be clear, by mission I don’t mean knocking on our neighbors doors up and down the street trying to bring them inside our building. Nor do I mean raising money to send our kids to some far flung corner of the world for the week. Nor do I mean supporting other folk doing work that we are not doing ourselves…So what is mission? What might it look to become a truly missionary church? Let us look first to Jesus. Jesus is casting out demons and performing cures, getting the attention of the powers that be, responding to the brokenness of this community. Tall order, you say. Yes, it is. But it is what Jesus means when he invites us to follow him by asking us to take up the cross. And this is an important, even critical realization: taking up the cross is a call to mission, the liberating kind that Jesus engaged in. Mission is part one – the first movement – of the cross-story…”

Prayer: Jesus of the way, lead us with you, bringing wholeness to our broken communities.

Chad Hyatt, Mercy Church
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Sunday, March 24, 2019
Emma Neishloss preaching
Isaiah 55:1-9; Luke 13:1-9


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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School, 2019 will be for children four years old through completed fifth grade. The theme is “To Mars and Beyond!” where we will discover the wonders of God’s universe. The date will be June 24-27, 2019. Please note, this is the LAST week of June. Registration is now available here. If you have questions or if you already know you can help in some capacity, please let our Director of Children's Ministries know. Mardee Rightmyer



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