Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons, or diaconate, is a committee established by and reporting to the Session. However, like the elders on Session, candidates for the position of deacon are nominated by members of the congregation annually and elected by the congregation as a whole. Deacons serve for a term of three years. Newly elected deacons are examined by the current Session and ordained during a worship service. Ordination is for life.

The office of deacon dates from the dawn of Christianity when individuals were chosen to care for the needs of the congregation. MPC’s Board of Deacons has a special role in providing congregational nurture and spiritual care, welcoming new members into their church home and helping them find opportunities here for service and fellowship, and paying extra attention to shut-ins and others who need special care. Deacons also play a large part in the church’s hospitality.

Officers for the 2018 MPC Board of Deacons

Moderator:  Michael Siedschlag (BoardofDeacons@morningsidepc.org)
Secretary: Tish Woolley

Class of 2018

Ellen Behm
Joe Brady 
Leslie Prince
Tish Woolley

Class of 2019
Ibby Baily
Julie Green
Michael Siedschlag
Emilee Terry

Class of 2020
Christopher Crowder
Mac Frampton
Margaret Hofland
Ann Watson