Threads' mission is to clothe children with dignity. This outreach of All Saint's Episcopal Church serves children from infants through fifth grade, stocking clothing in sizes up to junior 3 for girls and 20 for boys. Threads is a place for children and their parents to find play clothes or school clothes in a relaxed, attractive environment where they are treated with respect and served as if they were in a retail store. Threads serves families referred by intown social service agencies, and all clothing is provided free of charge.

The need for clothing is basic. While we may rarely think about it, to those who do not have it, its absence leaves a large void. Threads offers children and their families a chance to "shop" and choose new or gently used seasonal clothing in current styles that fit. By providing children with a pair of shoes or a coat to stay warm, Threads helps that child get on with the more important business of being a child and a successful student and blending into his or her surroundings.

Morningside’s participation

MPC supports Threads with a Pajama Party at our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper each year to provide new p.j's, undies and socks for the children served by this outreach.

How you can get involved

Bring in a pair of NEW pajamas, undies or socks in late February or early March or on the night of our pajama party (watch the News area of this website or the Sunday bulletin as the collection time draws near). There is also a cabinet on the lower level hallway from elevator to Fellowship Hall where you can place your gently used clothing for children any time of the year and also pick up a receipt for in-kind donations. Clean out your closets today (but no toys please). For more information about Threads, visit their page on the All Saints website.