Preschool Classes

Toddler Class      15 months by September 1st

Our toddler class provides many opportunities for our young toddlers to express themselves in their newfound power of mobility. We also furnish the children with many occasions to encourage their independence, by providing them with choices in their environment. Our staff helps to introduce language for the toddlers to begin to problem solve and communicate with the world around them. Creativity is always a part of our day through hands on activities with both fine and gross motor skills in mind. Most important in our toddler class is that the toddler develop a love of learning and the wonder within one's self.

Two-year-old Class      2 years by September 1st

Our two-year-olds are driven to explore and discover. The twos curriculum allows your child to spend busy, fun-filled days engaged in activities that promote learning and discovery. Our twos class makes use of all the activities that come naturally to them. They participate in cooking, painting, storytelling, singing and dancing, dressing up, science discovery, and experimenting with materials like sand and water. These play experiences help younger children develop language, cooperation, helping skills, negotiation; learn to socialize for the first time; and exercise their independence. The teachers will motivate children to learn about the physical and social world in which they live through playful interaction with objects and people. We provide every opportunity possible for your child to develop his or her own interests, at his or her own pace.

Three-year-old Class       3 years by September 1st

The three-year-old class is very exciting. Language has been mastered, fine motor skills are being sharpened, gross motor skills are constantly used, and memorization pre-emergent reading and writing all come together. The children are gently encouraged to rise to the next level of development by working together in learning and play centers as well as with individual attention from our staff. Goals are set reached for but never forced. "I can do it myself" attitude takes over.

Pre-K (Four-year-old) Class       4 years by September 1st

Our four-year-old class offers a curriculum that is a transitional stage to assist in preparing your child to enter into kindergarten in the following year. Individual assessments will be made in class to determine each child's level of mastery in various subjects. Plans are made to help each child feel good about who they are and how they are doing. More science discovery, cooking, drama, physical education plus a beginning writing and reading program will be the focus in this class.

 More information on our program is contained in the document entitled MPP Year At A Glance. For other questions, contact our Preschool Director by calling the Preschool Office (404.685.8758).