Sundays for Families



We believe that the most effective way to teach a child how to worship is by worshiping with them. We love when families worship together, so children are always welcome and encouraged in worship at Morningside Presbyterian. 


It can be hard to sit through an entire worship service when your little body is full of energy, curiosity and excitement! We provide worship bags in the church narthex for all children. These bags are filled with paper, books, activities and more to help children use their energy while they worship. We also have a variety of children’s books and Bibles located in the Library. Just make sure to return our bags and books after worship for the next children to use.  

We recognize that the Lord's Supper is for all Christians, and those who have faith in Christ are welcome at his table at Morningside Presbyterian Church. We always encourage families to worship and take communion together, but we especially encourage it on this day!

We offer an early service on Second Sundays @8:45. This service is designed to be family-friendly, simplified and shortened a bit. The essential elements of reformed worship will all be present. A time with children will be incorporated as will bulletins designed to keep children engaged.



Sunday School

Sunday School is offered every week for children in Prekindergarten through Fifth Grade. Children attend worship until the Peace of Christ, when they meet their teachers in the Narthex to go downstairs to Sunday School. Parents pick-up from the classroom. Children learn worship songs, create fun crafts, and engage in a Bible story and lesson. Age groups are classified as followed:

Butterflies - Prekindergarten and Kindergarten meet together in room 001

Lambs - 1st - 3rd Grade in room 003

Lions - 4th - 5th Grade in room 005

Lambs and Lions remain in the entire worship service on the first Sunday of the month. Children are encouraged on communion Sundays to participate in all of worship with their families. Lions also remain in worship on the third Sunday of the month. 

All Sunday School classes use the Deep Blue Kids curriculum by Cokesbury.


Our Littlest Ones

Childcare is provided during the 9:45 Sunday School hour and 11am worship hour in the nursey and room 012. 

Infants and Waddlers - 0-23 months in the Nursery, room 105 (children move-up to the caterpillar room when they turn 2)

Caterpillars - 2's and 3's in room 012 (children remain in this room for the school year)


Leadership Opportunities

On the first Sunday of each month, children participate in worship by carrying in the communion elements. If your child would like to participate, please signup up here. Each Sunday, an elementary child participates in worship by ushering the children’s offering collected during Sunday School. If your child would like to be involved in either of these elements of worship, please contact Sarah Tomaka.



If you are interested in having your child baptized, please contact Rev. Dr. Baron Mullis.