Morningside Presbyterian Preschool

Welcome to Morningside Presbyterian Preschool and thank you for your interest in our program. We have provided for the educational, physical, social and emotional needs of children and families in our community since 2001. Morningside Presbyterian Preschool is designed to gently encourage children to reach their full potential. We provide a variety of terrific opportunities like outdoor science, cooking, music, movement, drama and the basics of learning all in a theme-based curriculum. We believe that children are active learners and emphasize learning through play.  Our atmosphere is homelike and we always stress the positive, so the children can feel comfortable and safe enough to try new things, stretch their wings and experience growth and love for learning. It is our ultimate goal to help children take pleasure in the learning opportunities that surround them daily.

Registration opened to the community on February 1. For more information, call Melinda Sandkam, Director, at 404.685.8758, or send her an email at mpp@morningsidepc.org.

Mission Statement

We come together as Morningside Presbyterian Preschool, a ministry of Morningside Presbyterian Church, in order to serve the children of our community, and to teach them that they are loved by God and accepted in this community of faith. We welcome children of all faiths, races, and nationalities and will teach them to value themselves as well as others. Morningside Presbyterian Preschool will encourage children to have concern for their family, friends, and the world around them, and will help them grow in preparation for kindergarten, first grade and beyond.


The philosophy of the preschool is based on God's love, which will be reinforced by such practices as saying a blessing before snack, observing holiday traditions, talking about God and reading stories. The practices used will not exclude those of other faiths.


  • To facilitate children's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development;

  • To provide a balance of individual, small-group, and large-group activities, as well as spontaneous play and teacher-guided activities;

  • To recognize and encourage self-expression, help children develop motor skills, and expose the children to literature, language arts, music, science, and nature;

  • To encourage and respond to children's natural interest in reading, writing, and counting;

  • To provide content and materials that reflects cultural diversity and nonsexist attitudes.

MPP Parent Handbook, 2018-2019

Click for a copy of the MPP Parent Handbook, 2018-2019

MPP Strategic Plan, 2016-2019

Click here for a copy of the MPP Strategic Plan, 2016-2019.