Morningside Presbyterian Preschool

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must your child be to enroll?


All children must be at least 15 months old by September 1.

What are the hours for the school?


Our preschool hours are 9:00-1:00. Arrival time is scheduled between 8:50-9:00. Dismissal is from 11:50-12:00 for the toddlers and two-year-olds and 12:50-1:00 for the three-year-olds and four-year-olds.

Do you have an after school program?


No, however we offer an Extended Day Program for the two-year-old class.  They will have the option to stay on  until 1:00.  Starting in January, Toddlers may also stay for Extended Day once they have turned two years old.  Children are asked to bring a lunch and a drink. Children may attend periodically or weekly. A variety of after-school activities are available to threes and Pre-K. These programs are run independently by outside groups and may include such classes as Playball, Ballet and Music among others.

What are the teacher-student ratios?


Our teacher-student ratios range from 1:5 to 1:7 depending on the age group.  Our teachers are highly qualified and trained individuals.  These standards are maintained as they attend workshops and in-service trainings.  All staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

What kind of curriculum is incorporated in the classroom?


Our curriculum ensures that each age group participates in daily activities that enhance the following developmental domains:

  • Social Skills/Emotional Growth - Development of self-worth, self-esteem, self-control, affection, and cooperation
  • Creative/Artistic Experience - Appreciation of art, drama, music, and nature
  • Physical Activity - Large and fine motor skills
  • Cognitive Skills - Thinking abilities, including decision making, judgment, analysis and readiness skills
  • Language Development - Expressive and receptive language abilities
  • Health Education - Encourage independence in washing hands, toileting, and playground safety

For a more in-depth look at our educational goals and objectives, click here.

Do you offer clearly defined learning areas?


Morningside Presbyterian Preschool rooms are divided into clearly defined learning areas. Our program is designed to gently stimulate children to reach their full potential. We have arranged the learning areas into a variety of centers which may include a creative center, sensory center, science center, dramatic play center, song & book center, building center, and theme center.

What type of religious instruction do you have?


Morningside Presbyterian Preschool is a ministry of Morningside Presbyterian Church. Our education stresses the values of kindness, love, and respect for others consistent with the Christian faith and other religious traditions. There is a daily prayer before snack, monthly chapel conducted by one of our pastors, and Holiday celebrations. Families of all faiths are invited to share their religious traditions.

Can MPP accommodate children with special needs?


MPP offers additional resources for its students to help support their individual needs. In addition MPP encourages the presence of children's private therapists either through consultation, classroom collaboration with our teachers or by providing space to support the pullout model of intervention. Through a partnership with Speech Source Atlanta we provide a free speech and language screening for children ages 2-5. We also offer a yearly vision screening with Project 20/20. MPP encourages the application of students with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences.

Is there parent involvement at the school?


We encourage parent to participate as much as possible. Parents will have the opportunity to volunteer in their child’s classroom as well as for school-wide events. Parents will be able to help with birthday and seasonal activities as well as reading to the class, sharing their hobbies, jobs, cultures or other interest with the class.

Any additional questions?


Please feel free to contact Melinda Sandkam, Preschool Director, by telephone at 404.685.8758 or e-mail at mpp@morningsidepc.org.