eNews@Morningside June 7, 2016 Edition
Morningside Staff

eNews@Morningside      June 7 - June 12, 2016

June 12, 2016       
11 a.m. Worship

Drew Stockstill preaching 
"When your Sins are Many"
Text: Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-15; Luke 7:36-8:3
9:30 a.m.
Coffee and Conversation
9:45 a.m.
Faith Development Class

Ellen and Drew Stockstill continue leading a six week study on Frances Taylor Gench's Book, Encountering God in Tyrannical Texts:  Reflections on Paul, Women, and the Authority of Scripture.  

Preschool and Elementary children will continue to hear the story of Noah and the animals he took on the ark, and learn how Noah continued to listen and obey God.

12 noon 



"The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."  
   -Mahatma Gandhi
We need help turning the campus into a surfer's paradise after worship this Sunday, June 12.  If you are available to help decorate, please meet us in the narthex at 12:30 p.m., and we suggest changing out of your church clothes!  Also, the VBS Leadership team will be hosting Fellowship Hour next Sunday, June 19 on the front lawn to say thank you to all of the children, youth and adults who have helped with VBS!
Will sing this coming Sunday in worship.  Comprised of 38 singers, the Choir is on summer tour through Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta.  They will begin our service at 9:50 a.m. by singing three selections as a prelude, so come early to hear them.  CBC is one of the oldest Boys Choirs in the South and is directed by Vincent (Vic) Oaks.  Make plans to join us this Sunday morning to hear this great choir.
On Sunday, June 19, RHO Readers will meet to talk about Lauren Groff's best-selling novel Fates and Furies.  Jill Klotz will lead the discussion with guest help from a lady who led her book group's discussion at the Jewish Towers.
A few spots are still available for most age groups each week!  Please visit  www.morningsidepc.org for further details, or contact Melinda Sandkam at mpp@morningsidepc.org to sign up. 
The chaos of the Children's Ministry construction on the lower level is nearing completion!  As you venture through the lower level corridor, you can now see your way with the brighter, more cheerful lighting and colors!  Be sure to peek inside the classrooms to see the new ceilings, air conditioning, colors and other changes.  A few details remain, however, the space is ready for VBS next week!
Jill Aleong, Jenna Bach, Glenn and Rita Balzer, Georg Becker, Connie Crowley, Walter Gilbert, Ann Herndon, Penny Hill, Matt Holland, Charlotte Hudson, friends and relatives of Linda Johnson (Kaitlin Andry, Melanie Donnelly, Ellen Hardeman, Ron and Ann Reggio, Peggy Johnson Smith, Warren Johnson, Sr.), Timothy Johnson, Alison and Josh Lontz, Annette Lowery, Marcy Meredith, Jan McMahan, Baron Mullis, Marilyn Neforas, Anthony Owens, Lin Parker, Karen Peterson and family, Betty Ray, Peter and Heather Regnault, Linda and Mike Robinson,  Bus and Carmen Ryan, Ed Sanders, Carlene Sauer, Helen and Charles Schroder, Jim Scullin, Pat Senak, Kent Smith, Kathie Stephens, Mary Turner, John Vytal, and Marty Wender, John Young,Family of Gene Ziegler.

More Information
For more information about these events, please contact the church office at 404.876.7396 or office@morningsidepc.org.

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