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Hebrew Songs for Christian Seasons: Psalms for the Church Year 


The Gathering 

Leader: The Lord be with you. 

People: And also with you. 


The Prelude     Prelude on Psalm 62, “For Thee I Watch at Break of Day”      Carl Hager 


*The Call to Worship     (From Psalm 96, 98: Psalter, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, 1994) 

Leader: A new song for the Lord! Sing it and bless God’s name, everyone, everywhere! 

People: Tell the whole world God’s triumph day to day, God’s glory, God’s wonder. 

Leader: Proclaim the Lord, you nations, praise the glory of God’s power, praise the glory of God’s name. 

People: Shout to the Lord, you earth, break into song, into praise! 

Leader: Sing praise to God with a harp, with a harp and sound of music. 

People: With sound of trumpet and horn, shout to the Lord, our God. 

Leader: Brothers and sisters, praise the Lord! 

People: The Lord’s name be praised! 


*The Processional Psalm of Praise     Psalm 148     LAUDA ANIMA 

1. Praise God in the highest heaven, sun and moon and stars in space; 

Sing, ye angels, of God’s goodness; tell, ye ordered skies, God’s grace. 

Alleluia, alleluia! Who but God your course can trace? 

2. All the earth will shout God’s praises – mountain peaks and ocean floor; 

Wind and fire and beast and forest, hill and desert, vale and shore. 

Alleluia, alleluia! Honor God whom you adore. 

3. Rise, O child of God in wonder at creation’s majesty; 

Young and old, God’s glory claiming, praise the Lord in unity. 

Alleluia, alleluia! Now and for eternity. 


“Hebrew Songs for the Christian Year”  Michael Morgan 

*The congregation will please rise in body or spirit. 


Advent     Psalm 67     HYFRYDOL 

1. God of mercy and compassion, Lord of love, redeeming grace; 

Let the brightness of your glory shine upon us in this place. 

Show all nations your salvation, end our dark, long-suff’ring days; 

Cause our hearts with joy to greet you; fill the earth with songs of praise. 

2. Sing with joy, the Lord is coming! God with us, Immanuel, 

Brings in triumph our salvation, death shall die, and life prevail. 

In the wisdom of God’s justice righteousness shall conquer scorn; 

On God’s head, the crown of nations; in God’s heart, a crown of thorns. 

3. Come, Almighty, now and bless us, your great covenant renew; 

May creation yield its increase, find its greatest gift in you. 

Ev’ry tongue shall call you blessed, ev’ry voice a welcome bring 

To the Word of God incarnate; earth shall bow, and heaven sing! 


Christmas     Psalm 98     BEECHER 

1. Sing new songs to God Almighty, marvel at God’s majesty! 

In the face of foes around us God has brought us victory! 

Nations all shall see God’s promise; love endure and faith prevail; 

Evermore will God be gracious to the house of Israel. 

2. Joyful songs of praise and honor earth shall sing with one accord; 

Horn and trumpet raise a mighty shout of tribute to our Lord! 

Seas and floods rejoice with gladness; all the earth God’s gifts profess: 

Endless grace conceived in mercy, justice born in righteousness. 


The Prayer of Confession and Assurance of Pardon (sung) 


Ash Wednesday     Psalm 51     LAND OF REST 

1. Have mercy, Lord, according to the measure of your love; 

Blot out my sin, and from my heart all wickedness remove. 

2. The failings of my deeds and thoughts are ever in my sight; 

Release me from the path of death, and set my course aright. 

3. Into my secret heart send truth, let wisdom in me grow; 

O wash the evil from my hands, and make me pure as snow. 

4. A clean and upright heart, O Lord, exchange for mine of stone; 

Your Holy Spirit meld with mine, and leave me not alone. 

5. A contrite heart is your desire – my offering, the same; 

My lips unlatch, my mouth engage your praises to proclaim. 


*The Passing of the Peace 

Leader: The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all! 

People: And also with you. 


The Concerns of the Church 

(Visitors and members are invited to sign the blue friendship register pad and pass it down the pew.) 


The Minute Messages: 

Dobbs Elementary School         Bill Means 

Morningside Sings! Gala         Michael Siedschlag 


The Lenten Anthem and the Offertory     Psalm 139     Allen Pote 

Lord, you have searched me and known me. O Lord, you know everything I do. 

When I rise up, when I lie down, you are with me through and through. 

Before a word is on my tongue, you know what I will say. Your presence follows me day by day. 

Where can I flee from your spirit? Where can I go to run away? If I go to heaven, or live in hell, you are there. 

Search me, O God, and know me. Try me and know my heart. 

See if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. 



*The Doxology     OLD HUNDRETH 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise God, all creatures here below; 

Praise God above, ye heavenly host: Creator, Christ, and Holy Ghost. Amen. 


*The Prayer of Dedication and the Lord’s Prayer 


The Blessing of the Backpacks (see insert) 


Palm Sunday     Psalm 99     LEONI 

1. God reigns, enthroned on high; let all the earth proclaim 

With trembling lips the awesome might of God’s great name! 

A holy Lord, whose rule is marked with equity; 

Whose righteousness to us is bound all time to be. 

2. Unto the priests of old who called upon God’s name, 

The Law was spoken from the clouds, and wrought in flame! 

To God’s commands give heed; in faith, endure always; 

Let Zion’s walls forever ring with songs of praise! 


Maundy Thursday     Psalm 23     FOREST GREEN 

1. As faithful shepherds tend their flocks, so God will care for me; 

And from God’s store of grace my needs are met abundantly. 

In pastures green, by waters still, my soul new life doth take; 

And in the paths of righteousness I follow, for God’s sake. 

2. When death surrounds I will not fear, God’s strength dispels my dread; 

I hold God’s blessing in my heart and face my fear instead. 

For as a lamb, my comfort rests upon the Shepherd’s rod, 

To bring me home, where’er I stray into the fold of God. 

3. A bounteous feast for me is placed in presence of my foes; 

My head with oil the Lord anoints, my cup with grace o’erflows. 

The loving-kindness of the Lord is mine for all my days; 

And in God’s house for evermore I’ll join the songs of praise. 


Good Friday     Psalm 22a     PASSION CHORALE 

1. My God, am I forsaken? Why turn from me your eyes? 

Why cease to feel my anguish, or hear my plaintive cries? 

The ones who came before me found merit for their trust; 

While I, despised, tormented, am cast into the dust. 

2. With scorn my foes deride me, their taunts my faith would move; 

Yet firm is my conviction, deep-rooted in your love. 

My God, my sure salvation, be near me all my days; 

Whatever may befall me, remain my strength always. 


Easter Day     Psalm 118     MIT FREUDEN ZART 

1. Give thanks unto our gracious God, whose love endures forever; 

The Lord, our strength and song shall be, from whom no fault can sever. 

Sing mighty songs of victory, both now and for eternity, 

For God will leave us never. 

2. I shall not die, but I shall live, and sing God’s grace with elation; 

Though I deserve no more than death, God blesses me with salvation. 

The gate that should unyielding be is open wide to welcome me, 

Give thanks and adoration! 

3. Upon the stones the builders judged imperfect, weak and tender, 

Now rest the corners of God’s house, still unsurpassed in splendor. 

This is the day the Lord has made; God is my sun, 

And God my shade; rejoice, and praise gladly render! 


*Ascension Day     Psalm 47     CWM RHONDDA 

1. Clap your hands, O faithful people! Shout to God a song of praise! 

From the dust of conquered nations, God a realm of grace shall raise. 

In appointed courts of glory, faithful to God’s name always, 

May we prosper all our days. 

2. With a shout, and blast of trumpet, God shall mount a throne on high; 

Let our praise, as finest incense, rise to meet God in the sky. 

Fill the world with glad rejoicing, heav’n shall sing, and earth reply, 

All God’s works to glorify. 

3. Let your hearts be filled with gladness, as the Lord your life shall bless; 

Live as heirs of God’s great justice, wear the cloak of righteousness. 

God will grant us earth’s dominion, all things good, and nothing less, 

For our gift of faithfulness. 


*The Benediction 


The Postlude     Improvisation on CWM RHONDDA     Jonathan Crutchfield 


*(The asterisk indicates parts of the worship when the congregation is invited to stand as they are able.   

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