It’s time to kick off a new year of Sunday School at Morningside Presbyterian Church! 

Our recent parent survey showed that families want a 9:45am Sunday School option, and most of you will commit to having your kids in Sunday School at least twice a month. This is wonderful! The Children’s Ministry Committee has planned a fun and energetic Sunday School program that will enable our children to develop their faith and strengthen their relationships with Christ.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll launch “Sunday FUNday @ Morningside!”- a new, fun platform that includes Sunday School programming for children, youth and parents; Children’s Church; and Youth Group. You’ll hear more in the weeks ahead, but we wanted to take a minute to fill you in on a few details now.


Sunday FUNday @ Morningside - Sunday School Classes: 

Children’s Sunday School:

The children’s classes will follow the liturgical calendar, so children in different classes will learn the same stories we hear in worship. We are thrilled and grateful that our children’s Sunday School classes will have the same lead teachers nearly every Sunday:

  • Nursery (infant to 18 months): Room 105 with Ms. Courtney Smith
  • 2 year olds: Room 012 with Ms. Debbie Loomis
  • 3s and Pre-K: Room 009 with Ms. Melinda Sandkam
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade: Room 001 with Mrs. Sue Ballay
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade: Room 003 & 005 with Mrs. Cindy Humphries

Each class will have rotating assistant teachers to provide a second set of hands and help with crafts, snacks, etc. Please consider volunteering as an assistant teacher a few Sundays before the end of the year. Click here to choose your dates and classes. (You also can volunteer for activities in the 11am hour through this link, if you like!) We need your helping hands!

Youth Sunday School

All youth, 5th grade through 12th grade, will meet in the Youth Center. This year the class will be following the story of the Bible. Beginning in Genesis, we will travel through scripture learning about Adam and Eve, Moses, King David, the prophets, the life of Jesus, until finally landing in Revelation. 

Adult Sunday School

Parents with children of all ages are invited to join our Faith Formation for Families Sunday School class in room 201. The class will cover important topics related to raising children in a family of faith, and feature guest speakers and volunteer teachers. 

Adults from all walks of life are welcome in Faith Formation that meets in the Session Room. The year is full of rotating, topical classes, including a study of the Psalms, discussing social issues, spiritual practices, welcoming guest speakers, and so much more. Anyone and everyone is welcome join the class at any point throughout the year! 

Sunday FUNday @ Morningside - Pep Rally: 

All children, youth and adults are invited to join our Sunday FUNday Pep Rally on Sunday, September 9 at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall! We’ll kick-off a new year of Sunday School, introduce our wonderful Sunday School teachers and then head to the classrooms for a brief lesson. Parents are invited to stay in the Fellowship Hall to learn more about our Family Faith Formation Sunday School class. Children (and adults!) are invited to wear their school colors, favorite team jerseys or cheer uniforms. Breakfast will be served. Come ready to have fun!

Sunday FUNday @ Morningside - Children’s Church:

Children are always welcome in worship; in fact, we encourage them to attend! We offer nursery and childcare options for children under age 3 should you want to use them. Children who are age 3 through 4th grade have the option of leaving worship at the Passing of the Peacefor Children’s Church: 

  • 3s and Pre-K can go downstairs to room for a bible story, songs and snack. Parents pick up their children after worship.  
  • Kindergarteners – 4th graders can go with Ms. Mardee to the Youth Room for a scripture reading and children’s sermon. They will return to worship after the sermon.
Last Published: August 20, 2018 12:30 PM